Presentation Submission E-MOTIVE 2019


Call for Papers

Please submit your presentation by 14 April, 2019

    • The conference will be held in German and English with simultaneous translation. Each presenter will be allocated 20 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for discussion.
    • Presentation slides in English only.
    • Copies will be published in the conference transcript. Participants will receive download links for authorised presentations after the conference.

    Benefits for Presenters

    • Discounted rates of € 450 plus VAT (€ 300 for university members), including catering during breaks and the evening event
    • Free copy of the conference transcriptKey Deadlines

    Deadline for abstracts: 14 April, 2019
    Submission of presentations: 27 July, 2019

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    E-MOTIVE is an Initiative of:

    4-5 September, 2019 in Schweinfurt, Germany
    Organized by FVA